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Four Years Later…

TillmanIt has been a little over four years since Tillman Coleman graduated from our men’s life recovery program. His family has a phenomenal story, and they continue to thrive in their recovery. “Everything has changed. I have been made new, and I am so thankful God never gave up on me.”

Here is a recap of his story from our 2016 newsletter.

Tillman was born in Valdosta, Georgia where his family lived for a few years before moving to Tampa, Florida. He is the youngest of three children with two older sisters. At eight years old, his parents divorced because his father was an alcoholic. His mom remarried when Tillman was 10, and they moved to Macon.

Tillman would travel to Tampa every summer for visits with his biological father. He started smoking cigarettes at 12 years old with his dad. “He never cared if I smoked, so it was easy to pick up the habit,” Tillman said. He was active in school, started playing the trumpet in the 6th-grade jazz band and quickly moved into the concert band. Tillman was popular in school and didn’t struggle with many things except for his willingness to smoke weed and party with friends. His drug use started with smoking pot, and within a year, he moved onto drugs like ecstasy and cocaine. Instead of playing the trumpet and graduating high school, partying quickly became Tillman’s focus.

During his senior year of high school, Tillman took a spring break trip to Panama City, FL. The weekend excursion turned into a two-week bender of alcohol and drugs. When he returned, Tillman was told he had missed too many days of school to graduate. If he wanted the diploma, he would have to attend summer school. Two weeks before graduation, Tillman quit high school.

The following year, he got his first of many DUI’s while driving home from the restaurant where he was a server. Over the next four years, he worked as a store manager for Journeys. That is where he met Jessica. They dated for two years and, in 2010, got married. It wasn’t until after the birth of their first child that Tillman and his wife began abusing prescription pain medicine. They spent the next three years in a whirlwind of heavy drug use. To make things worse, a drug dealer moved into an adjacent apartment, and Tillman began abusing heroin. His drug use quickly consumed his life.

In 2012, Jessica gave birth to their twin boys and Tillman’s heroin use was at its heaviest. Rock bottom was on the horizon when Tillman used his uncle’s company credit card to pay for a month-long binge of heroin and alcohol. By the end of the month, he had taken out over $10,000 in cash to spend on drugs.

Tillman’s mother then got involved to try to help get him sober. Tillman and his family moved to Warner Robins to live with Jessica’s parents, but he fell back into using pills, heroin, and alcohol. He was able to keep a job but needed the drugs to function. For three more years, Tillman spent every minute of every day focusing on how he would get his next fix. He was unable to be the husband or father he needed to be for his family. Drugs had completely taken over his life, and he was out of control.

Tillman ultimately hit rock bottom when he got his third DUI. With his daughter in the car, and being high on Xanax, Tillman got into a minor car accident. He was arrested. Following his incarceration, Tillman’s next, and best stop, was the Rescue Mission of Middle Georgia.

When he arrived in March of 2015, Tillman had no idea what his purpose was in life. It took him weeks to shake the after-effect of all the drugs and alcohol he normally consumed. As he progressed through the Mission’s program, Tillman knew God was holding and changing him. His eyes were opened to Jesus Christ and a new way of life. Tillman was shown how to love his children, his wife, and most importantly, how to love himself. His time at the Rescue Mission was like being on a retreat. He was able to focus completely on God and become the man God wanted him to be.

After graduation, Tillman’s wife, Jessica, entered into the life recovery program at the Potter’s House. It was now Jessica’s turn to seek healing and become sober. She remained in their program for seven months and graduated in August of the same year.

Tillman remains very active at his church and with the Mission. He works at Cutting Edge Landscaping for Jim Bloodworth. For the last four years and still today, Tillman meets daily with his co-workers for morning devotion and a time of prayer. Tillman is passionate about sharing how God has changed his life. He has come full circle and now serves as a mentor to other men in the Rescue Mission’s program. “I am so thankful that Jim allows me to share the word of God with those I work with, it has truly blessed my life to be able to give back. Jesus Christ is the foundation for my family and all aspects of my life,” he said. “I am always excited to share the Gospel with anyone I can.”

Tillman and Jessica are members of Second Baptist Church and both serve as children’s teachers at their One Way program. They are an active part of the Tres Dias community and have been on two mission trips together. They have a beautiful home in Warner Robins and both are so very thankful that God restored their lives. They remain connected with the Rescue Mission and have built so many strong relationships within this community.