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Women’s Domestic Violence Program

womens-divisionThe Mission’s Women’s Division is a residential life recovery program for female survivors of domestic violence and their children. We provide a safe place where women can find healing and regain their independence. Our objective is to empower the women to become self-sufficient as we share the hope of Jesus Christ. Clients gain self-esteem, life skills, biblical knowledge, and learn to recognize what healthy relationships are. Women leave the Rescue Mission of Middle Georgia as strong, assertive, independent women in Christ who are no longer trapped in a cycle of violence and codependence.

The Women’s Division is divided into a three phase program and requires a six month commitment from anyone entering the program.

Phase I

The goal of Phase I is to establish a safe environment for victims and their children. The Women’s Division staff aids the resident in gaining back her identity which is often lost due to the effects of abuse. Residents participate in daily therapy, attend counseling and group sessions, learn life skills, and attend Celebrate Recovery and Bible study.

Phase II

In addition to building on the therapy assignments and sessions described above, Phase II curriculum is based on the theme of breaking the cycle of violence through intense therapy and classes. This phase is in-depth and intense weekly therapy designed to build self-esteem and learn the dynamics of healthy relationships. Clients learn boundary setting and assertiveness technique skills which enable them to form their own identity.

Phase III

The final stage of the process focuses on making the successful effort to gain and maintain outside employment and obtain housing beyond the Rescue Mission.

Since entering the Women’s Life Recovery Program I have gained a peace and comfort that I have never known before. I have gained self-respect, pride, and dignity. I now have a life that can be lived without abuse, drugs and alcohol. I am so grateful to be a part of such a blessed place. Because of Jesus and the Mission I finally have my life back and I now live it for Jesus.