Meet Breanna

“I’m a new creation in Christ.” 

Breanna had abandonment issues from her childhood, and it carried over into her adult life. “It made me feel alone… I found myself seeking comfort and acceptance in substances, men, and things of that nature.”

But no matter how hard she tried, Breanna was unable to fill the pain and emptiness she felt inside. The turning point came when she was sitting in a jail cell… feeling completely alone and fed up with life.

As soon as she was released from jail, Breanna was mandated by the court to come to the Mission. “It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. But as scared as I was, I felt a hopeful feeling and a sense of peace. I knew I needed help and I was ready.”

“No matter what you’ve done… where you’ve come from… what you plan to do, there’s love here.”

In our care, Breanna surrendered her life to Jesus and found healing and relief from her brokenness. Through chapel, work therapy, and classes, Breanna is digging deep into scripture to apply God’s Word to her life and learning new skills that are setting her up for independence. 

“The most important thing I’ve learned from our classes is that I am unconditionally loved by my Holy Father, and that’s all I need. The Mission is teaching me things I never even knew I could do.”

Her newfound faith has also given Breanna the confidence that she can be a better mother to her daughter. “I know when I leave I can show my daughter that she can be a God-fearing woman and avoid the obstacles I went through if she remains strong in her faith.”

“Before I came to the Mission I was a hopeless addict. Now I see myself as wonderfully and beautifully made… I am a new creation in Christ!”