Meet Jasmine

Thanks to you…
Jasmine has HOPE this Christmas!

Jasmine Edge Holiday Newsletter

Jasmine was trapped in a destructive cycle and knew she needed to break free – for herself and her daughter. “My mom was a drug addict,” Jasmine remembers. “She gave me and my little sister up when I was only 7.

Her mother’s absence left Jasmine feeling unstable, hurt, and confused. She began turning to drugs to numb the pain by the age of 14. “I graduated high school and had a job for six months, and then the drugs took over… I found myself homeless.”

When her daughter was born, Jasmine knew she needed to change and find a way to provide for her. Instead, she stayed in an abusive relationship, succumbing to the pull of drugs, and hating herself for repeating the mistakes of her mother.

“I wound up in jail, and while there I prayed ‘God, if you are real, please save me. Please help me. I don’t know what else to do.’” God heard her prayer and led her to the Mission.

“Walking in, I felt instantly surrounded by God’s love and grace.”

From the moment she arrived, Jasmine began to heal. “I’m constantly reminded of God’s forgiveness, love, and mercy… it makes me draw closer to Him.” Embracing God’s grace has transformed Jasmine, motivating her to become the mother her daughter needs.

Life skills classes, biblical teaching, and a job at the donation center have all played a part in building a new life and overcoming her addiction. “The accountability and structure have helped me develop a work ethic, which I didn’t have before.” And building bonds with fellow Mission guests has given her the support she never had from stable parents. “I have relationships with my sisters here, we’re a family.”

As Jasmine looks to the future, she knows she can give her daughter the love and support she needs. “I just want to give my daughter everything that I didn’t have.”

Jasmine has hope this Christmas – and she wants to thank YOU for supporting her journey toward a new life. “I used to look in the mirror and hate the person I saw. Now, I love myself. I have my daughter, and I trust God and His plan for us.”