Meet Quincy

“I will live the rest of my life for God.”

The first of her siblings to attend college, Quincy’s parents held her to a higher standard. So when she dropped out, she suffered the pain of their disappointment. “I felt like a failure,” she says. Then a friend introduced her to a substance he claimed would ease her shame. Sadly, it led to addiction. “And I started this life of destruction.”

She struggled to hold a job and to provide for herself and her children. They moved from place to place, and she did what was necessary to survive. As she grew older, her attempts at sobriety were futile… her relationship with her children decayed… and she found herself alone. 

Finally, at age 63, she made the choice to ask for help. She entered the hospital for detox treatment. When released, she was guided to the Mission.

“I was just hoping to find sobriety, but I got God… I got sisters… I got a new way of life… I got grace.”

Quincy had prayed to God as a child, but she had never developed a relationship with Him. At the Mission, she learned to put the Lord first in her life. Through His grace, she regained her sobriety and has forgiven herself for the mistakes of her past.

 “I owe it all to God and to the Mission for teaching me this new lifestyle,” she says. “Through Him, all things are possible.”

Today, her relationship with her children is being restored. And as she looks forward to rebuilding her life, she hopes to help others. “Whatever service I can be to someone or to the church, I’m ready for that,” she says. Most importantly, she embraces every opportunity to share her story of transformation.

“The Rescue Mission has prepared me for a new life with Christ. I’m here on purpose, for a purpose, and it’s never too late.”