Meet Rebeca

“God never left me alone.”

Rebeca looks back on her childhood as the source of her anxiety and relationship troubles. “My mom and dad separated when I was 5. At 6, my mom moved in with this guy and he started molesting me.”

Rebeca told her parents about the abuse but they didn’t believe her. This led her to start drinking and using drugs as a teenager… and then enter a string of toxic relationships with guys who mistreated her.

The turning point came after the two fathers of her children were murdered in separate incidents. “I was angry… sad… hurt… confused. Blaming myself.”

Scared, pregnant, and already trying to care for two kids on her own, Rebeca needed help. “When my mom made me come here I was angry and in defense mode… ready to fight people.”

“God made me go through this for a reason… I feel like it’s to help other people and show them they’re not alone.”

It was rough going for Rebeca when she first entered our Women’s Recovery Program. “They were loving on me, but for months I was not following the rules or doing what I was supposed to do. It took nine months to truly surrender to God.”

But once Rebeca gave her life to the Lord, she discovered healing and a peace she had never known before. “I’ve learned how to forgive and control my temper. This place is amazing… it’s a miracle for people that need God in their lives.”

Today, Rebeca is learning how to be a better mom through her daily routine of classes, counseling, and work therapy. She now plans to go to cosmetology school so she can get a stable job to take care of her family – and come back to offer haircuts for women and kids at the Mission!

“My biggest challenge before coming to the Mission was to forgive myself, but they made me realize how much I’m worth. They never gave up on me.”