Meet Robbie

The Rescue Mission has change Robbie’s life for the better

Thank you to those who have impacted his life!

April 2023 Newsletter

My name is Robbie O’Neal, and this is the story of my recovery.

I come from a broken home. My parents divorced when I was around 3 years of age. My mom remarried, but there was a lot of alcohol consumption on my stepdad’s side of the family. I remember a lot of arguing and fighting with temporary break-ups. They eventually divorced, and she then married a wonderful man. My dad remarried. His marriage lasted for 10 years. They eventually divorced, because he was an alcoholic. I have one sibling, a younger sister. Growing up, we didn’t know any better; this was our normal life.

In my adulthood, I drank daily. I was very self-centered, only thinking of what I wanted. My life consisted of me either working or drinking. I was good at my job but only worked to pay for my alcohol addiction. My life revolved around this, day in and day out.

I knew that I needed help long before I sought it. I came to a crossroads and knew I could no longer go on living the way I was. I was at rock bottom. I was separated from my wife, had lost my job because of my addiction, and was in jail for some serious charges that I hardly remember. As I sat in jail, I knew this was it for me; major changes had to take place in my life.

I left jail on April 11, 2022 and came directly to the Rescue Mission. I was really unsure of what this place could do for me, but I was willing to give it a try. I am so thankful I did. This place has changed my life in so many ways. I am a born-again Christian. I have learned how to be a godly husband to my wife and a godly father according to His word. My wife and I are starting over and working on our relationship, forgiveness, and building the trust that I have broken. I realize that God is first and foremost in my life, and as long as I keep Him first, He will keep my paths straight. He is the center of my world, and now my family goes to church on a regular basis. He is the true foundation that I was missing most of my life.

I have 2 biological children aged 26 and 16. My wife has four biological children. She also has 6 adopted children ranging from 8-19 years old. Our family is certainly full, but God has entrusted us with these precious children. I am so very thankful that He now lives in me, so I can be a better parent to them. In total, I have 2 children, 10 stepchildren, and 3 grandchildren. Truly, they are my blessings!

I am learning patience and to wait on God. I know His timing is perfect, but this can be difficult for me. I am trusting Him and that He will help me with this. I have found that I am passionate about helping others. While at the Mission, I was a Resident Manager and was given night and weekend responsibilities. My peers found me to be trustworthy and honest. I enjoyed being in this position and was able to walk with other men through their recovery. It is so much easier to love others well when I realize how much God loves me.

God blessed me with employment after I graduated from the program in January. I started work at Lowe’s and am really enjoying it. I have moved back home with my family. If you would have asked me about this back in 2021 when I was sitting in jail, I would have never imagined my life would be where it is today.

I am truly in awe of what God has done and continues to do in my life. I will remain connected with my Rescue Mission family, and my church family, and continue attending Celebrate Recovery. These are the missing links from my past life. Now that I have them, I will never let them go!

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