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Easter Weekend

Apr. 25, 2017 |

Easter weekend was a wonderful and joyous time at the Rescue Mission.

On Good Friday the Mission provided over 1,000 meals to the community by delivering over 750 to various locations in Macon and Warner Robins and provided over 300 meals at three separate seatings to those less fortunate inside the Mission.  The meals inside the Mission were preceded by a time for prayer and celebration of Jesus Christ in our chapel.  Guests were then invited into our dining room to enjoy a warm meal served by volunteers and staff of the Mission.  We are so thankful to our community for helping provide holiday meals.


The Women’s division visited with some residents of a local home and helped serve meals and fellowship.  What a blessing Good Friday was to everyone touched by the Lord.

On Sunday, the children of the Mission took part in an Easter Egg Hunt and received Easter Baskets from donors.  In addition several families came to visit residents.  It was a beautiful day of families and the love of Jesus Christ.