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Homelessness Awareness Week- November 12-20

Nov. 9, 2016 |

The issues of hunger and homelessness are more than a week’s worth of problems for many Americans.  Veterans return from was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder with little or no support, which too often can lead them to life on the streets.  Women in domestic violence situations are forced to choose between an abusive home or an unstable life without a home.  Families are riddled with debt from the lack of housing assistance and affordable healthcare and must decide which bills to pay or buy food for dinner.  Poverty has many different faces and the causes of homelessness are just as varied as the people who endure it.  The issues of hunger and homelessness cannot be fully understood and addressed in one week.  Hunger and Homelessness Week is just the start of what you and our local community can do year round.

We serve on average 100 meals each day in our community at 4pm each day.  At Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas we serve roughly 1100 meals to the community.  These meals are provided at the Mission and delivered directly to the homes of people who are not able to come to the Mission.  Consider volunteering to help prepare meals, serve the meals or lend a hand in taking donations of food items.  Many organizations conduct can drives annually to help ensure we have enough food each day.  Start a dialog in your community groups, churches, clubs and so forth and help give back to those in need.

Please contact us with any questions and help be part of life change- 478-743-5445