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Men’s Life Recovery Program

mens-divisionMen seeking help at the Mission are our friends and neighbors, fathers, sons, and brothers. They come from all walks of life: veterans and laborers, teachers and construction workers – the Mission welcomes all in need of God’s grace and love. Most who come to us are broken and disheartened, without hope or purpose. Through Christ, we help them regain self-sufficiency and put them on a path to become the men that God calls them to be. Since most of our clients have addictions, which in many instances led to homelessness, our programs and support structures are designed to help them focus on recovery and the life skills needed to break free from their past. The Mission is not simply a shelter, but a place of recovery and permanent life change.

Our Men’s Life Recovery Program is divided into three phases and requires a one year commitment from anyone entering the program.

Phase 1

Each man begins his stay with us in Phase I where he will stay for a minimum of 90 days. During this phase, each man prepares to leave the old behind as they focus on Christ. They attend daily Bible study classes and chapel services and participate in our work therapy programs. They begin classes centered on what it means to be a Biblical man, reinforcing principles of accountability, responsibility, and discipline.

Phase 2

In Phase II, each man commits to a six month period of intense Bible-based rehabilitation and recovery classes in order to overcome his past and addictions. During this time, men are expected to grow in faith and commitment to Christ as well as work through the recovery steps as presented in the program. Phase II participants also attend daily chapel services and off campus recreational and church functions and participate in our work therapy programs.

Phase 3

Phase III is an elective three month program during which the Mission provides housing and other essential needs for clients who have successfully completed our Phase II recovery program. This phase is intended to assist in the transition back to becoming productive citizens in the community again. During this phase, men are actively seeking employment and the Mission helps equip clients for the job search and assists them in securing employment and permanent housing.

The Mission is a place where lives are being changed and families are being restored. A place where bad habits are replaced with Godly habits. A place of hope, peace, love, joy, mercy and grace. A place where this thirty-three year old little boy can start being the man that Jesus Christ called me to be a long time ago. A place where I’ve found a sense of purpose, and most importantly, a place where Jesus Christ found me.